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Are you open on public holidays?
We are open all public holidays apart from Good Friday, 1/2 day Anzac Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. Public holiday trading hours for all locations are 8am to 4pm.

Do you deliver 7 days per week?
Yes, we deliver within the Wellington region all days (apart from the public holidays that we are closed – see above). Free trailer hire is also available.

What are your delivery fees?
Please see our Delivery Zones and Fees page for details on our delivery locations and fees.

What is the difference between Topsoil and Lawn Mix?
Topsoil is just your regular clay based soil and lawn mix has our topsoil with sand and compost run through it.

How big is a scoop?
We have 2 size scoops: Our little yellow scoop is 0.25m3 and our big red scoop is 0.5m3.

What sand is best used for a sandpit?
We have a couple of options: Dune sand is a nice brown gold colour but does stick to your skin as it has not been through a washing system. The Mortar sand is a grey dark colour but has been through a washing system so it does not stick.

How do I work out how much product I need?
You can work this out by Length x Width x Depth or H eight. This will give you a reading in cubic meters.

How much product can fit in a trailer?
0.5m3 can fit in nicely.

Is your Topsoil, a weed free product?
The short answer is, NO. Topsoil is not weed-free as a general rule, as it has not been treated to remove weed seeds.

Need firewood or garden supplies delivered today?

We deliver firewood and garden supplies 7 days a week within the Wellington region! Call us on 04 567 9755 for same day firewood and garden supplies delivery or send us an email.

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