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Base Course Price List

The Goods Shed stocks a variety of base course at our WellingtonHutt Valley and Plimmerton locations.

We deliver base course 7 days a week and have free trailer hire.  Call us here for base course delivery within the Wellington region or send us an inquiry via our contact form by clicking here.

Builders Mix$9.50$39.00$69.00$104.00$118.00
Base Course$25.00$40.00$60.00$78.00
Top Course$9.50$27.00$48.00$70.00$84.00
5-8mm Chip$9.50$30.00$58.00$88.00$98.00
20mm Chip$9.50$32.00$64.00$96.00$108.00
20mm Down Drainage$9.50$30.00$50.00$75.00$90.00
STD Base Course$27.00$52.00$78.00$88.00
STD Top Course$9.50$30.00$60.00$80.00$98.00
Nova Flow (65mm)$8.50 per metre
Nova Flow (110mm)$11.00 per metre
Cement (40kg)$19.80
Cement (25kg)$14.50
Handicrete (25kg)$19.00
Handicrete (40kg)$26.00
Rapid Set (25kg)$20.00
Trade Mortar (30kg)$20.00
Pave Joint Sand (20kg)$17.00
Pave Lock Sand (20kg)$27.00

Need base course delivered today?

We deliver base course 7 days a week within the Wellington region! Call us on 04 567 9755 for same day base course delivery, send us an email or order online.

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