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Other Garden Supplies Price List

The Goods Shed stocks a variety of garden supplies at our WellingtonHutt Valley and Plimmerton locations.

We deliver garden supplies 7 days a week and have free trailer hire.  Call us here for garden supplies delivery within the Wellington region or send us an enquiry via our contact form by clicking here.

Pine Railway Sleepers 200mmx140mm
2.1m long
Macrocarpa Sleepers 200mmx100mm 2.1m long$55.00
Macrocarpa Sleepers 200mmx50mm 2.1m long$38.00
Macrocarpa Sleepers 100mmx50mm 2.1m long$22.00
Macrocarpa Pegs 50mmx50mm 600mm long$3.00
Pine H4 Sleepers 200mmx100mm 2.0m long$49.00
Pine H4 Sleepers 200mmx50mm 2.4m long$35.00
Novaflo 65mm$12.00 per metre
Novaflo 110mm$14.00 per metre
Grass Seed 1kg$17.00
Grass Seed 5kg$69.00
Grass Seed 20kg$240.00
Cement 40kg$22.00
Cement 20kg$16.00
Handicrete 40kg$28.00
Handicrete 25kg$20.00
RapidSet 25kg$23.00
Trade Mortar 30kg$22.00
Pave Joint Sand 20kg$18.00
Pave Lock Sand 20kg$29.00
Filter Cloth - Per m2$4.50
Weed Mat - Per m2$3.50
Weed Mat Pins - Each$0.90
Manuka Poles (medium @ 2.0m)$14.00
Manuka Poles (medium @ 3.0m) $19.00
Fruit Salad/Otara Gold (20kg)$45.00
Bulk Bags 90cmx90cmx90xcm - Each$ 40.00
Daltons Coarse Scoria (15L)$15.50
Daltons Potting Mix (40L)$19.50
Daltons Coarse Lime Chip (15L)$15.50


Split Paving (white) & Alpine Paving (grey)$3.00 per kg$995.00 per half tonne$1,990.00 per tonne
Flagstone Paving (450mmx450mmx50mm)
Natural, Black Sands, Terracotta
$ 23.00 each
Beach Flats (small) 20kg$ 42.00 per bag
Beach Flats (medium) 25kg$ 42.00 per bag

Need garden supplies delivered today?

We deliver garden supplies 7 days a week within the Wellington region! Call us on 04 567 9755 for same day garden supplies delivery or send us an email.

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