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Other Garden Supplies Price List

The Goods Shed stocks a variety of garden supplies at our WellingtonHutt Valley and Plimmerton locations.

We deliver garden supplies 7 days a week and have free trailer hire.  Call us here for garden supplies delivery within the Wellington region or send us a inquiry via our contact form by clicking here.

Pine Railway Sleepers (200x140 - 2.1m long)$68.00
Macrocarpa Sleepers (200x100 - 2.1m long)$46.00
Macrocarpa (100x50 - 2.1m long)$15.00
Macrocarpa (200x50 - 2.1m long)$28.00
Trustwood Sleepers (200x75 - 2.4m long)$48.00
Trustwood Sleepers (200x75 - 4.8m long)$96.00
Hardwood Sleepers No.1 (200x100 - 2.1m long)$95.00
Macrocarpa Pegs (50x50 - 600mm)$3.00
Ponga Logs (2.4m)$19.00
Flagstone Paving (450x450x50mm)
natural, black sands, terracotta
Wine Barrels (half)$139.00
Wine Barrels (full)$290.00
Moss Away (20L)$99.00
Cement 25kg$12.50
Cement 40kg$16.50
Old Red Bricks (limited stock)$1.30
Nova Flow 65mm$7.50 per metre
Nova Flow 110mm$9.50 per metre
Handicrete 25kg$16.00
Handicrete 40kg$19.90
Rapid Set 25kg$18.00
Trade Mortar 30kg$16.50
Pave Joint Sand 20kg$13.00
Pave Lock 20kg$23.00
Grass Seed 1kg$14.90
Grass Seed 5kg$59.00
Filter Cloth m2$3.80
Weed Mat m2$2.50
Weed Mat Pins each$0.70
Sawdust (50L)$12.00
Poultry Compost (40L)$9.50
Potting Mix (40L)$14.00
Large White Chip (20L)$16.00
Crushed Shell (20L)$16.00
Crushed Pumice (20L)$16.00
Scoria (20L)$16.00


Split Paving & Alpine Paving$2.50 per kg$975.00 per half ton$1,950.00 per ton
Beach Flats sm, med$3.00 per kg$975.00 per half ton$1,950.00 per ton

Need garden supplies delivered today?

We deliver garden supplies 7 days a week within the Wellington region! Call us on 04 567 9755 for same day garden supplies delivery or send us an email.

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